Friday, May 15, 2009

Sri Lankan Citizens - Lives that are less worthy for “Human Rights” champions

Sri Lankan Citizens - Lives that are less worthy for “Human Rights” champions

We Sri Lankan citizens need no recalling of the atrocities that we have suffered in the hands of the LTTE (Tamil Tiger) terrorists. The three decades of a terrorist campaign conducted under the facade of a liberation struggle, aided with the unstinted support of hypocrites in the international media and in various non-governmental organizations have robbed us of our right to life, sought to destroy our nation, and devoured over 70,000 lives of Sri Lankan citizens. And it continues to do so … though we, the citizens of this small island have finally shed all our differences and united to fight this menace.

Our unity is indeed not without results. An end to the menace is at hand. The dark clouds of our misery have started drifting away. The gates of the mono-ethnic hellhole in Wanni are fast crumbling with our soldiers, backed by the resolution of our people, steadily marching forward. This modest effort is not to manifest the will of our people or the faith that they have kept on the commitment of the soldiers, but to inform the world about the kind of terrorism that we have been dealing with.

What underpins our effort is our determined opposition to the vicious forces that are desirous of continued bloodshed in our country. It is these forces comprising hypocrites in the fourth state, dollar vultures in NGO’s, and politicians with pusillanimity beyond embarrassment that have been working against all our efforts to rid our country of terrorism.

Like carrions on the trail of for carcasses, the mean spirited who work in the above groups have made a lucrative business of our continued sufferings. Whenever the terrorists commit carnage, they always cloak the facts with unsubstantiated comments and justify the attacks. Terrorist attacks against Sri Lankan citizens are shown to the world as fruits of a successful liberation struggle. Whenever the terrorists are pushed to the end, these people jump up to save the terrorists by disseminating untruths, half truths and diabolical lies across the globe about our country. Sri Lanka’s struggle against terrorism is shown to the world as a genocidal war against the minority.

Thus, little has been known to the world of the true nature of the terrorism that Sri Lankans have been fighting. The photos we have posted in this feature were never intended to be published on a website. Yet, we are left with no other option than to resurrect the tormenting memories of the innocent who had suffered the most violent deaths in the hands of terrorists, when the irresponsible swashbucklers in the international media continue act in complicity to the Goebbelisian propaganda project of the terrorists.

We seek empathy with all the peace loving people in the world who value life by looking at the sufferings we have undergone. We request all interested in our country, to make thorough study of the conflict and the true nature of the LTTE, and not just a cursory glance at one sided stories and literature often published by anti Sri Lankan campaigners when arriving at conclusions about the country. We ask those worthies who try to teach human rights to us whether the lives of Sri Lankan citizens are less worthy than theirs.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

LTTE’s shameless cowardice

Madirigiriya Village massacre – LTTE’s shameless cowardice

On 15 October 1992, LTTE carried out the most barbaric but cowardly act of genocide against Muslims and Sinhalese when they wiped out the inhabitants of Madirigiriya, Palliyagodalla and Ahamedpura villages in the Polonnaruwa district.

Over 400 LTTE terrorists armed with swords, machetes, clubs, and firearms stormed fast sleeping villages before dawn and carried out a house-to-house raid butchering poor farming families that had done harm to none. Police found severely mutilated bodies of 146 civilians. Over 83 others suffered serious cut wounds and gunshot injuries. Among the injured were 14 infants and over 20 children.

According to an eye witness accounts, the terrorists who were in army type uniforms came to the village from all sides and surrounded it . Thereafter they opened fire at about 3 AM. Many people rushed to the mosque for safety, but the terrorists followed them into the mosque and killed the villagers with hand grenades and rifles.

The newspapers said that The village presented a ghastly sight with dead bodies scattered all over and surviving men, women and children weeping porously over the demise of their dear and near ones. Bodies of mothers with their dead infants, pregnant mothers with their wombs ripped open, children with smashed skulls with clubs and axes were seen in dozens.

The terrorists involved in this attack were mainly comprised of LTTE teenagers.

Among the injured was one pregnant mother identified as Ayathma Umma 32. The terrorists had inflicted a serious injury to her womb and she was almost dead when she was taken to the operation theatre due to bleeding.

The baby could live only several seconds while the mother too died in the theatre at Polonnaruwa hospital. 20 children and 3 infants with severe cut injuries to their heads were transferred to the Colombo national hospital.

By the end of 1992, those NGOs and other supportive groups of the LTTE could no longer conceal the horrendous crimes committed by the LTTE in Sri Lanka. In May 1991, LTTE terrorists killed former Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Ghandi and one year after they killed Sri Lanka President Ranasinghe Premadasa.

The UN agencies and International Community that had so far kept blind eye to the humanitarian catastrophe in Sri Lanka started issuing statements of condemnation to the most barbaric acts of LTTE with their usual advice to the both parties.

However, most of these countries let the terrorists to raise funds on their soil to enhance their capacity to carryout more sophisticated crimes against Sri Lankan citizens.

Perhaps with the advice of their international partners on the damage that may cause to their image by continued village civilians massacres and also because of the success they had achieve in the ethnic cleansing campaign, LTTE refrained from carrying out major village massacres for the next two years.

On 1st October 1992,

Konwewa Village massacre

On 1st October 1992, a group of LTTE terrorists armed with firearms and sharp weapons raided Konwewa village in Polonnaruwa and butchered 15 civilians including women and children. Only 9 civilians managed to survive with serious cut wounds.

On 9th August 1992

Mailanthenna Village massacre

On 9th August 1992, a group of LTTE terrorists wielding swords, clubs, machetes and firearms stormed Mailanthenna Sinhalese village in Polonnaruwa. The terrorists butchered 25 civilians including women, children and pregnant mothers. Police found 10 survivors with serious cut wounds.

Kosgolla Village attack

Kosgolla Village attack

On 16th May 1992, a group of LTTE terrorists stormed Kosgolla village in Ampara and butchered 5 civilians using swords and axes.

Year 1992

Welikanda genocide against Muslims

On 29th April 1992, over 400 LTTE terrorists stormed three Muslims villages in Plonnaruwa district namely, Karapola , Alanchipothana and Muthugala and carried out one of the most barbaric genocide against Muslims in the world.

Shortly after midnight the gang of terrorists swooped down on the sleeping villages and carried out a house-to-house massacre killing 130 civilians and injuring over 71 others. Majority of the victims were woman and children. According to the eyewitness accounts, LTTE had used large number of child soldiers in this attack and mainly tasked them to kill women and children with sharp weapons. Several houses were set ablaze by the terrorists with burning the residents alive and most of the other houses were looted after murdering their residents.

In the year 1991, village massacres reduced in numbers as hundreds of thousands of Sinhalese were driven out from their homes by the terrorists. Yet, there were few Muslim villages that did not heed the orders of LTTE, in Polonnaruwa that were also wiped out with this attack.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Year 1991

Bogamuyaya Village massacre

On 23rd January 1991, a group consisting about 70 LTTE terrorists stormed Bogamuyaya Sinhalese village. The terrorists wielding swords, machetes, clubs, and firearms butchered 29 civilians. Majority of the victims were woman, and children. Police found 5 survivors with serious injuries cause by sharp weapons.

By the end of the year 1990, most of the Sinhalese and Muslims vacated their ancient villages in the Mullaittivu, Kilinochchi, Trincomalee, Battiacaloa, Vavuniya, Mannar and Ampara districts.

Also, those villages in the Anurdhapura, Polonnaruwa, and Monaragala districts bordering the North and Eastern Provinces were being fast vacated by their inhabitants as terrorists started attacking them. A brutal ethnic cleansing campaign carried out by a terrorists group was becoming a success as the world kept blind eye to the situation.